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Fees & Services

I work one on one with individual clients and do not offer couples or family therapy. Should a client be under the age of 16, their legal guardian or parent will need to provide consent for them to receive therapy and thus may be involved in some consultations. I work with clients across most age groups (8 years and older).


Psychological Consultations

Psychological consultations are offered in 3 formats:

  • Video Consult

  • Phone Consult

  • Face-to-face Consult

If eligible to receive services under Medicare, you will need to provide a referral and mental health care plan in order to obtain a rebate.

At any point during therapy, if I feel you would benefit from a different practitioner, I will discuss recommendations for a referral to other services and/or practitioners. This includes any requests for reports or letters that I cannot complete at the time.


Reports & Letters

Individuals presenting for therapy with the sole or joint purpose of obtaining a comprehensive psychological report or letter must have an initial consultation to discuss the nature of the document before I will commit to writing it.


Depending on the type of document required and the context it is needed for, I will determine whether I have the necessary skills and time to complete the request. If I deem the request to be feasible, a fee will be negotiated at the time depending on the number of assessments required, the time taken to complete the document and the number of pages.

Credit Card


  • ​Initial Consult (90 minutes) = $250 

  • Standard Consult (50 minutes) =$190

  • Short Consult (30 minutes) = $110

  • Cancellation fee = $80 (if less than 24 hours' notice is provided)

  • Standard Letters <1 page = no charge

  • Letters & forms of 2 - 3 pages =  $100 - 250 

  • Reports = $500 - $2000

Bulk-billed services are unavailable at this time. However, reduced rates can be arranged for those suffering from severe financial hardship.

If you are utilising Medicare you will receive a rebate of $131.65. Should you claim via private health insurance, you will need to check your level of coverage to determine the rebate you will be entitled to.

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